Treat yourself and your senses to an adventure and enjoy these scents inspired by the sun and the moon. These Oil Blends encompass the fire and warmth of the sun, and the coolness and lightness of the moon. Each blend is made of natural essential oils and extracts and organic coconut oil as a base and comes in an amber glass roller for ultimate preservation of freshness and ease of application.



Find yourself in a field of vetiver, basking in solar rays. Reminiscent hints of burnt cedarwood and vanilla empower from the heart center out.


Apply on the heart first and then along the veins on the inside of your arms.





Journeying through your dreams, a gentle mist of jasmine revives spirit. Lavender promotes peace as you rest in your nest of sandalwood.


Apply from the belly up and from the neck down the outside of the arms.





SUN/MOON Oil blend